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Bulgaria and six other countries are calling for a halt to Covid vaccines

The European Union should terminate its contract for the supply of vaccines against COVID with “Pfizer” – this is the official position of Bulgaria, which will be defended by Minister Asen Medjidiev at the EU Health Council on March 14 in Brussels. the Council of Ministers decided.

According to Medjidiev, if the contract is not terminated, it can at least be changed so that each country declares the number it needs. And to pay only him. Until now, vaccines were distributed among countries according to their population.

Last year, Bulgaria destroyed 2.3 million COVID vaccines after Bulgarians avoided vaccination.

According to a publication of “24 Chasa”, their value is almost BGN 80 million. “A huge amount will also be destroyed this year,” Medjidiev said.

The intentions of the health authorities to terminate the supply contract became clear already two weeks ago. Since yesterday, however, they have been supported by the government.

“Bulgaria does not need more vaccines. Forcing countries to buy large quantities only to be destroyed afterwards is extremely irresponsible and does not reflect the image of Bulgaria, the European Commission or the EU,” said Medjidiev.

Almost 2.8 million doses are to be phased out for the whole of 2023, with almost 1 million already due by the end of May. If they are not implemented, donated or sold, Bulgaria will “throw away” about 32 million leva.

The quantities provided have long exceeded the needs of the country.

Bulgaria remained the country in the EU with the lowest vaccination coverage (30% with a completed cycle) and the downward trend in vaccination started at the end of January this year.

In practice, the process stopped with the cancellation of the state of emergency.

Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania and Lithuania will also want the vaccine supply contract terminated. Dr. Medzhidiev expects support from Slovenia and Croatia as well.

Source: orthodoxostypos