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Bosnia and Herzegovina search and rescue team applied what they learned in TIKA’s training in the earthquake zone

Kahramanmaraş merkezli 6 Şubat'taki depremlerde arama kurtarma çalışmalarına katılmak üzere Bosna Hersek'ten Türkiye'ye giden ekiplerin faaliyetlerinde, Türk İşbirliği ve Koordinasyon Ajansı Başkanlığınca (TİKA) verilen eğitimlerin önemli katkısı oldu. TİKA'nın 2017'de Bosna Hersek'te gerçekleştirdiği kapsamlı eğitimlere katılan yaklaşık 30 kişi, deprem bölgesindeki arama kurtarma faaliyetlerinde eğitimlerde öğrendiklerini pratikte uygulama imkanı buldu. Afet ve Acil Durum Yönetimi Başkanlığı (AFAD) ile İnsan Hak ve Hürriyetleri (İHH) İnsani Yardım Vakfı uzmanlarının verdiği eğitime katılan Bosna Hersekli ekipten Pamela Bejdic, tecrübelerini AA muhabiriyle paylaştı. ( Nihad Ibrahimkadic - Anadolu Ajansı )

“Trainings have a great advantage in my professional life”

Emphasizing that the trainings contributed greatly to the work in the earthquake zone, Semra Japalak, who is in the same team, said, “The trainings we received also helped us in terms of how we should approach people who were waiting for their loved ones to be rescued from the rubble. We knew how to listen to them and how to calm them down.” she used the phrase.

Pointing out that he witnessed IHH’s very coordinated work in the region, Japalak said, “Organization is important for every business, but the earthquake zone we were in was a place open to unexpected situations. It was an area full of stress and complex emotions. At this point, the leadership of the officials was very important. I was amazed by your skills.” he said.

Benjamin Poturak, another member of the team, explained that TIKA participated in search and rescue trainings in debris and hard-to-reach areas, “The training I received thanks to TİKA has been a great plus for my professional life.” said.

Emphasizing that the training he received made a great contribution to the earthquake region, Poturak said that it is a special honor for them to work shoulder to shoulder with the experts they received training.

Stating that they rescued 10 people from the wreckage with his team, Poturak said, “We managed to get a family of 6 people out of a wreck. I will never forget the tears and smiles on their faces when I said we came from Bosnia and Herzegovina.” said.

200 people attended TIKA’s trainings

3 people in the team of 234 people from Bosnia and Herzegovina, who participated in the search and rescue efforts in Turkey, participated in the search and rescue trainings given by AFAD and IHH experts in cooperation with TIKA.

While 200 people attend these trainings provided by TIKA, more than 30 of them continue their professional lives as “experts” within the framework of the conditions approved by the European Union (EU) Search and Rescue Mechanism and the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It is planned that those who take part in the training will also participate in the international exercise held every year in the field of search and rescue in Turkey.

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