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New directions in Interreg “Greece – Albania”

The standards and planning of the NSRF in the new programming period aspires to be followed by Interreg Greece – Albania with the involved regions advancing their strategic planning.

In this context, a meeting was held on Friday in Ioannina, with the participation of eight regions from Greece and Albania, at the initiative of the Region of Epirus, in which a first gleaning of the directions and priorities that will be set so that the claim for funding along the way was made from a budget, however, which is not particularly high, to be more easily applicable.

The Ioannina meeting was attended by the regions of Epirus, West. of Macedonia and the Ionian Islands from Greece and the regions of Argyrokastro, Fieri, Avlona, ​​Berati and Kortsa from neighboring Albania.

As mentioned by Al. Kahrimanis, the new Interreg will follow the directions of the NSRF, with priorities in the fields of culture and tourism on the one hand and digital transformation and “green” development on the other.

The regional governor Dyt. of Macedonia G. Kasapidis focused on the differentiation between the needs of Greece and Albania respectively, which refer to the promotion of areas and monuments of cultural and touristic interest on the one hand and the improvement of basic infrastructure on the other, with Greece gradually moving on to strengthening proposals concerning new technologies in urban and rural areas.

Finally, the vice-regional head of European programs of the Region of the Ionian Islands Kon. Kapodistrias emphasized that the experience gained from the previous Interreg can be used to avoid mistakes and problems that have been identified.

“The intangible actions financed by Interreg were chosen because of the pilot nature of the first programmes. Now we are in a better phase, where we can make use of our experience and choose the integration of infrastructure projects in various sectors”, he said characteristically.

Source: epirusonline