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Germany: Essen Becomes Arena for Muslim “Clan Wars”

Several participants, as well as two police officers, were injured in a major brawl in Essen (Nordrhein-Westfalen) on Saturday night, as violence dubbed “the clan wars” in this German city intensifies. A police spokeswoman stated that several people had to be taken to hospitals.

The police were on the scene with a “larger contingent” and a helicopter. It is presently unknown how many people were harmed. However, as said further, it was most likely over a “conflict in the area of clan criminality.”

“Bild” describes how “the clan war is escalating.” Hundreds of people were involved, according to authorities. Police personnel from neighboring cities were also brought in to help contain the situation.

“For now, we’re talking about several hundred people.” A police spokeswoman told WDR. But it’s still impossible to say who was really involved intentionally and who got involved accidentally. “After all, regular partygoers are also out on a Friday night,” she added.

The background to the clashes may be a mass brawl in Castrop-Rauxel that occurred on Thursday night. Members of two families there attacked each other with baseball bats, knives and clubs. At least seven people were injured, WDR writes.

A 23-year-old man was critically injured and had to undergo emergency surgery for stab wounds. Police have set up a 19-member homicide squad.

Situation is escalating

Police claim that there are indications of a connection between the two incidents. According to “Bild”, the perpetrators were the members of Syrian and Lebanese families.

“Now the situation is escalating. Apparently, the clans have mobilized more family members to Essen. About 300 Lebanese and 200 Syrians were in the Ruhr metropolis Friday evening. It seems like a clash was to occur in the city center,” Bild writes. Local officers expressed concern that further confrontations in the upcoming hours or days are expected. The entire police force in North Rhine-Westphalia is on high alert.

Source : TVP World