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Germany: WWII bomb detonated in controlled explosion

Around 8,100 residents had to leave their homes in the northern German city of Hanover as a British World War II bomb was blown up in a controlled explosion.

A British bomb from World War II was detonated in a controlled explosion in Hanover on Sunday.

More than 8,000 residents were forced to leave their homes in the central German city while the operation was carried out in a nearby field.

During the hours-long process, the residents were asked to take with them any items that were absolutely necessary, such as medicines and baby food. A care center was set up at a local school for those to stay while the operation was conducted.

Following the controlled explosion, the Hanover Fire Department posted a photo where the bomb was detonated.

WWII bombs commonplace in Germany

The bomb in Hannover was found in the city’s northern Sahlkamp district after soil soundings were conducted.

Germany is accustomed to finding unexploded World War II munitions.

Most are defused by bomb disposal experts without incident.

But this one in Hanover was different as the 500-kilogram aerial bomb with a long-term fuse had to be detonated on site.

And at just before 6 p.m. local time (1600 GMT), the local fire brigade announced the controlled explosion had taken place and residents could return to their homes.

‘Complex operation’

Around an hour later, the fire department tweeted that “it had been a complex operation” while thanking “all disciplined citizens and of course all helpers.”

Source : DW