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Rolls-Royce: Investment in Australian Submarine Reactors

Rolls-Royce, a world-renowned leader in engineering technology, continues its expansion with a focus on investment in reactors for Australian submarines.

UK-based company Rolls-Royce plans to expand its Raynesway plant in Derby. This investment, targeted at the needs of the Australian government, will not only benefit the company, but also the local UK community. It is expected that this will create over 1,000 new jobs, which will have a positive impact on the development of the region.

The need for a growing market

Rolls-Royce’s decision to expand into the Australian market is a response to demand from the Royal Navy and the Royal Australian Navy. The increased interest in nuclear reactors for new submarines is related to the recently concluded AUKUS agreement, which obliges Australia to expand its submarine fleet. Thus, investment in reactors becomes a priority for the Australian government, which intends to strengthen its defense capabilities at sea.

A leader in the field of nuclear reactors

Since March 2023, Rolls-Royce Submarines has been in a leading position as a supplier of nuclear reactors for new submarines. The tripartite agreement between Australia, Great Britain and the United States confirmed the group’s position as an industry leader. Its experience and innovative approach to nuclear technology make Rolls-Royce a reliable partner in providing energy for nuclear-powered submarines.

Development of infrastructure

Along with the investment in nuclear reactors, Rolls-Royce plans to expand its Raynesway plant in Derby. This expansion is possible thanks to financial support from the Ministry of Defence. The new area around the existing plant will be developed, creating additional jobs for over 1,000 skilled workers. The development of infrastructure will contribute to the economic growth of the region and increase the competitiveness of the British engineering industry.

A long-term partnership

Steve Carlier, President of Rolls-Royce Submarines, expressed his satisfaction with the company’s growth and highlighted the long-standing relationship between Rolls-Royce and the Royal Navy. For over 60 years, Rolls-Royce has provided power to the Royal Navy’s nuclear submarines, which is a testament to the trust and quality of the company’s products.

Future and innovation

Future plans for Rolls-Royce’s growth in Australia herald a new era for the British concern . The scale of ambition and the spirit of innovation make Rolls-Royce a leader in its industry. For many years, the company not only provided technologically advanced solutions, but also focused on continuous improvement and development to meet the growing needs of customers.


The investment in Australian submarine reactors is another important step for Rolls-Royce in the development of its business. The company not only focuses on innovation and the highest quality of its products, but is also involved in creating jobs and developing local communities. The expansion in Australia is the result of the growing demand for nuclear reactors and strategic government decisions. Rolls-Royce continues to be a leader in engineering technology, laying the foundations for Australia’s maritime safety and strength.

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