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Storm Shadow Missile Attack Reported in Crimea

Crimean publics report an attack with Storm Shadow missiles. Some missiles are said to have been shot down. They flew through the Razdolnensky region (the northwestern part of the peninsula).

Public reports that explosions are heard in the Krasnogvardeisky district.

And in Sevastopol, they announced that the movement of maritime passenger transport was temporarily suspended.

The day before, explosions were heard in the occupied Crimea, it was reported that an ammunition depot was hit  in the Dzhankoy area . A Storm Shadow strike was also reported.

Recall that Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov told CNN about plans to continue attacking Crimea and the Kerch Bridge .

The war in Ukraine has been going on for 517 days. We follow the latest news and key events on July 25, 2023 online .

Earlier we summed up the results of the previous day of the war. Three drones attacked Moscow yesterday morning. Allegedly, they were suppressed by electronic warfare. The mayor’s office recorded strikes on two non-residential buildings, there were no serious damages and no casualties. Journalist Khristo Grozev claims that the objects of the RF Ministry of Defense and the Main Intelligence Directorate were the targets. Meanwhile, Russia continues to hit Ukrainian ports. Last night there was an almost 4-hour attack by “Shahids” on the port infrastructure of the Danube in the Odessa region – the port of Reni.

Source : CTPAHA.UA