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The Russians Announced the Capture of the Village of Sergeevka, Luhansk Region

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced the capture of the village of Sergeevka. Apparently, we are talking about Sergeevka in the Lugansk region, which is west of Svatovo.

Ukraine has not yet commented or confirmed the information.

Sergeevka is located not far from Karmazinovka, where the other day the Russian Federation launched a large-scale offensive, having accumulated a large group. According to the estimates of the Ukrainian command, the Russians have the goal of reaching the Oskol reservoir.

Earlier it was reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine advanced in the Berdyansk direction to a depth of 1.4 kilometers .

Meanwhile, the war in Ukraine has been going on for 517 days. We follow the latest news and key events on July 25, 2023 online .

Earlier we summed up the results of the previous day of the war. Three drones attacked Moscow yesterday morning. Allegedly, they were suppressed by electronic warfare. The mayor’s office recorded strikes on two non-residential buildings, there were no serious damages and no casualties. Journalist Khristo Grozev claims that the objects of the RF Ministry of Defense and the Main Intelligence Directorate were the targets. Meanwhile, Russia continues to hit Ukrainian ports. Last night there was an almost 4-hour attack by “Shahids” on the port infrastructure of the Danube in the Odessa region – the port of Reni.

Source : CTPAHA.UA