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Belgium launches website with tips to reduce energy bills


The Federal Government has launched a new website “EnergyWatchers” to help people “slim down” their energy consumption, and in doing so, the total cost of their gas and electricity bills with a total of 115 tips.

Are you increasingly worried about rising energy costs, especially as temperatures are getting colder? EnergyWatchers provides people with more insight into how energy usage can be limited with various personalised tips divided into five areas (green energy, housing, home appliances, travel and consumption) and ranked according to their impact level (scored from 1 to 4).

“The website provides additional tips and tricks to save energy and money. Even without major investments or extreme interventions, you can save hundreds of euros on your energy bill,” Tinne Van der Straeten, Federal Energy Minister, said.

“Lots of Belgians are already making big and small efforts that together make a big difference. Energy savings are not only good for your wallet, but also for the environment, as they reduce the use of fossil fuels. They also reduce dependence on Russia,” she added.

Purchasing tips and federal aid

From regularly maintaining hot water systems to buying an economical fridge made to measure, the website includes an array of tips. These can be mainly changes in behaviour but can also assist people when making purchasing decisions.

Some tips include information about regional premiums and federal aid offered to people making energy-efficient renovations, for example.

Every tip also displays an investment level (from €0 to over €10,000), meaning people can decide on their own “choice to take action” depending on their resources.

Meanwhile, the platform also includes 28 calculators, to present the precise energy consumption or savings made as concretely as possible in three ways (in kWh, in euro or in kg CO2 emissions).

Source: http://www.brusselstimes.com