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This Is The Best Morning Yogurt For Weight Loss Over 40, Nutritionists Say

When working towards losing weight, starting off your day with a high-protein and gut-healthy breakfast is key for lasting energy and a faster metabolism. With that said, we reached out to registered nutritionists and other health experts to learn more about the best yogurt for weight loss, especially if aging healthily is your goal. Read on for tips, suggestions and insight from Lisa Richards, registered nutritionist and creator of The Candida Diet and Shavonne Morrison, MS, RD, LD, registered dietitian at Atlas Tea Club.

Weight Loss Benefits Of Low-Fat, Plain Greek Yogurt

While adding in chia seeds, high-fiber granola or fruit to your yogurt can be a great way to add more flavor to your breakfast, Morrison suggests choosing a plain or naturally-flavored, low-fat Greek yogurt (not one with added in sugar or flavoring) to best to support your weight loss journey. “Greek yogurt is best for weight loss because protein keeps you fuller between meals, reducing cravings and the desire to overeat,” she explains, highlighting the protein content of this breakfast option.

Richards agrees, and points out that a “low-fat, high protein yogurt” can “reduce cravings and prevent overeating.” These two factors, she stresses, can all too often lead to weight gain if not kept under control. Another major way eating Greek yogurt on a regular basis supports your weight loss journey, she says, is that it “replenishes your gut microbiome with healthy bacteria.” Fermented foods like Greek yogurt, she adds, “restore these bacteria which are beneficial for weight, among many other health benefits.”

The gut ultimately houses the immune system, and is a major component to our overall health, Richards says. “By keeping this area of the body in balance and preventing gut dysbiosis, you improve your overall health,” she adds. Richards also notes that chronic inflammation and bacterial overgrowth are linked to acute and chronic conditions. “Mental fog, fatigue, chronic pain, anxiety/depression, obesity, heart disease, and even food sensitivities may be prevented by a diet that includes natural probiotics and low in refined carbohydrates,” she continues, again pointing towards Greek yogurt as a great breakfast choice for weight loss, or other health goals that many over 40 prioritize.

Morrison concludes that “eating enough protein also helps you build muscle when combined with strength training exercise.” She says that “more lean muscle increases your metabolic rate, which can help weight loss as well.” Her favorite yogurt, as she recommends, is Oikos Triple Zero, as it is “low in calories, has healthy ingredients, no added sugars, and tastes great.” Noted!

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